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Why +4000 businesses already signed up

Here's 4000 reasons. Or at least a couple of them.
  • Think BIG.
    Sayl Retail helps small entrepreneurs think big and sell in any online sales channel.
  • Videocalls
    Sell by videocalling with the visitors on your webshop. Access the shopping cart of your visitor in real-time!
  • Get ready in no time.
    Be live in less than 30 minutes. Sayl Retail has put the bar on a new level for ecommerce. Don't waste valuable time on techicals. Just sign up and start selling.
  • All payment means
    We support your shop with the payment means you require. Whether that's Mastercard, VISA, Paypal, or any debet card payment mean you can think of.
Sayl Retail partners
Together with our partners we build a strong story for our customers. Like to become a partner? Visit our partners page.

What you won't find elsewhere

We have no problems to be compared with competitors
Build 1 webshop. Or Multiple in 1 account. In record time.
You can manage multiple shops in 1 Sayl Retail account. Ideal if you run private sales, when you need a temporary shop, ...

Discover how to create multiple stores
Convert more sales by videocall.
The Sayl Retail App helps you to increase your conversion by allowing you to speak live with your webshop visitors.

Learn more about videocommerce and the app
Sell on Facebook, sell on Instagram, ...
Via Sayl Retail you manage your products, delivery methods and payment methods in one place, and you sell on as many digital sales channels as you like.

Sell via multiple sales channels

What clients ❤️about us
  • I stopped my previous webshop as I simply had no time to run it. After seeing how easy the Sayl Retail App is, I downloaded it from the store and within 5 minutes my first post and shop was online.
    Vanessa Stefferson
    Shop owner in Manchester, UK
  • If there is one thing that stands out for me at Sayl Retail, is simply their high level of customer support. Even in the weekend they were fast to answer me.
    Frédéric Pierson
    Photography business in Paris, FR
  • I gave Sayl Retail a try for my Instagram account, and created some ads linked to some shops. Must say it's better than good, it's great!
    Sara V.
    Influencing from The Netherlands
  • I introduced this to my brother's fashion business, and he was sold like in 5 minutes. His online sales has finally taken off, so glad I could help him with that.
    Pierre L.
    Consultant in New York, US
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